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She is phenomenal! My wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous and her eye for photography is pure genius.
— C + J
Rae is a wonderful photographer! She has done every important event for me for the past 6 years. I highly recommend her for any and all occasions!
— T + J
Rae is amazing! She’s so much fun to work with and my little guy always does great with her!!
— Bumpus Family
She’s fantastic! She’s got a lot of creative ideas and the pictures are perfect!!!
— R + T
Completed my daughters senior session last weekend. Rae is so talented and creative. She sees things in a different way. She captures the spirit in every picture. So thankful to have her skills just a message away!!
— Cole family


Photo by Caleb Irvin

Photo by Caleb Irvin


In 2014, I established Rosemary Photography. Since then, it has existed and flourished within the realm of knowledge and passion gained from my talented grandmother. Born in Barberton, Ohio as Marsha Jean Rose, she grew to be a painter, a Christian missionary, a caring woman devoted to life-long learning. From her, I learned the value and beauty of creating something with my own hands -- be it strokes on canvas now hanging in my office, or stitching together fluffy, ruffled church dresses that would inevitably become favorite childhood memories. 

While I am only one photographer, a one woman show, I say “we” because this business wasn’t just formed by myself. It was formed by and in every way that my family has shaped me. My grandmothers, grandfathers, mother, father, brother, and everyone in between have all had a hand in the principles and sound decision-making process of this business. We root for the little guy and give generously, even when the little guy can give nothing in return. We believe in the strong bonds of love, matrimony, and family. We help neighbors when they need a hand, and especially when they don’t know they need help. Most importantly, we show love in every unconditional way to everyone we meet. It is with these philosophies and characteristics that Rosemary Photography is able to consistently provide clients with timeless memories. Not from a camera but from the heart. We all come from different walks of life but as one of my favorite saying goes, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve read their story. 

I’m ready to tell your story.





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