The Hobbit Hole | Interior Design

In 2016, Bryan and I started looking for a place to call home. At the time, we were living with my Mom and Dad, which wasn't as awful as everyone makes it out to be. End the stigma y'all. We had toyed with the idea of renting, but after seeing how astronomical rent prices are in our area, we took the leap and decided to buy. We fell in love with many houses (of course out of our budget) and then decided we needed a realtor. Melanie Bell with Network Realty was an angel straight from Heaven. She dissolved all of our (my) worry and helped us find our starter home. 

If you've ever been in the market to buy a house, you know that all the listings start to look the same. The pros say to give them nicknames, but after 50 homes, you forget your own name. That's what it felt like looking for our home. Melanie showed us listing after listing. I know that in many regards I was being picky, but I knew that I needed to be. I don't even buy pants without over-analyzing, so how could I live with myself knowing the house I we picked wasn't just perfect for us? So, what was on our must have list?

     - 3 Bedrooms
     - 2 Bath (MINIMUM)
     - Open Concept
     - Basement/Man Cave
     - Preferably a Garage
     - Fenced yard for the pups
     - A whole bunch of charm (for me)
     - Not too old (for Bryan)

There was one house we viewed in Radcliff that was almost perfect for us. Huge Living Room. Giant Ceilings. The Master was to die for. No garage, but life is about sacrifice right? Apparently for some, yes, but not for the sellers. My heart broke when they came back after our first offer wanting the listing price or more for their home. Bryan and I were crushed. We had gotten so excited thinking about all the rooms we would make into our home. 

Melanie, being to the total professional she is, took everything we wanted and dove right back into pulling listings. It was pretty typical to receive three or four links to look over. At this point, I had seen them all online but was willing to look at anything in real life. Suddenly, there is was the little blue house on Tunnel Hill with the great floors and cute kitchen. I had seen and looked at the listing multiple times (see photo below), but didn't bite because on paper, this house was almost perfect, but wasn't the one for us. 

     - 3 Bedrooms? YEP
     - 2 Bath? One.... prepare for World War III.
     - Open Concept? Nope.
     - Basement/Man Cave? YEP. Complete with kegerator. (Refrigerator made for a keg. Score!)
     - Preferably a Garage? Two Car Detached. 
     - Fenced yard for the pups? Nope. 
     - A whole bunch of charm (for me)? Ohhhh yes. 
     - Not too old (for Bryan)? Ohhhh no. Built in the 1940s. 

Ladies, you know that feeling of coming home and unhooking your bra? Putting on your favorite t-shirt? Dragging out those battered house shoes and yoga pants, but feeling completely like yourself? That is what we felt walking into this house. It was a home. I imagined all our decor pairing so well with the minty-blue kitchen cabinets. The dogs running through the backyard while we landscaped or ate dinner on the patio. More than anything, walking through the house, I felt the same feeling I had in my ratty college apartment. Yes, it had flaws, but the memories made under that roof helped mold me into the person I am. Walking through the 1,281 square foot Tunnel Hill House, we felt at ease and cozy. The ceilings were low, the walls needed a little paint, and it had that general old house aroma, but Bryan and I knew this was it. 

The coziness of our new home quickly became a joke. "It's just our little Hobbit Hole!" I say when welcoming folks in. Similar to Frodo's home in The Lord of the Rings, once you've cracked the deceivingly small exterior, our home opens to reveal into a shotgun-style-straight-vision-line all the way through the dark kitchen to the full-length glass backdoor to overlook the backyard. So, here we are two years later and I'm FINALLY finding our style. Interior design has been my ultimate passion project. It isn't a quit-your-day-job-level dream, but at any point in the day if you see me space out, I'm probably thinking of a project. This blog has become my leap of faith. I've found solace in writing and sharing projects. So, along with professional photography, I'm also going to include a few home projects and DIY successes (and failures). Stay tuned for our master bedroom overhaul!