The Hobbit Hole Master | Interior Design

Now that I've introduced you to our little house, let me give you a look inside. This house posed several challenges such as dark corners, cramped rooms, and not enough storage. It is tiny, there is no getting around it; however, when inspiration strikes, roll with it! The aesthetic for our master bedroom sprung to life after we received our engagement photos (pictured below by the crazy talented Caleb Irvin). I loved the mix of warm tones with the blue of Bryan's suit.

If we've ever had the pleasure of meeting, you'll recognize instantly that my personal wardrobe would make the Adams Family so proud and I think I've finally nailed down why. I would rather spend less time trying to match my clothes and more time fiddling with decor and living in a bright home. 

The biggest debate in our house was which room to make the master bedroom. All of our bedrooms are relatively the same size. One bedroom only had one window, so we made it the office since I like to work in low light anyways. The second was at the far back of the house off the dining room. The last was at the front of the house off the living room. We both agreed that seeing all the light pouring into the front room in the morning would definitely help us become better morning people.

I had such a hard time putting our bed in front of a window. Putting a piece of furniture in front of a light source has always felt so blasphemous to me. It's as if you're cutting the window off at the knees. However, we had our bed on the opposite wall and the whole room felt small and closed off from the rest of the house. There's nothing like walking into a room and immediately be greeted by not one but TWO beds (ours and the dogs’). I'm still working on an idea for the lonely corner wall. You know the one with the comically small picture frame as a placeholder? I thought of including another one of our engagement photos, but then again, I am all for the tie-dye and macramé trends going on right now. 

For the nightstands, I knew the room needed simple. However, we're both people with a ton of night time rituals. From reading books and taking nightly medications to a place to set our glasses, phones, and drinks, our nightstands had to be able to handle whatever. We settled on simple shelf stands and supplemented storage with under-the-bed rolling bins.

I had the boys at Lowe's cut down a 12 inch X 4 foot board into 14" wide pieces and I kept the scrap, always do. Then we headed over to the closet and shelving section to pick up four $5 silver shelving brackets. I stained and sanded the board and then we installed. I'd like to say it was easy peasy, but with a house that's half plaster/half drywall (and you can't even begin to guess where one stops and the other begins) every screw was a gamble. Is it plaster? Is it a stud? Oh, nope, it just went straight through the wall and into the deep dark depths of our house. Perfect. These shelves may be living on a prayer, but at least they look cute.

OH! I forgot to mention as well, #ikeasavestheday. I wanted small wall mounted lamps, but reality hit and I wasn't about to fork out over $50 a lamp. So, what to do? IKEA of course! We stopped off after a quick trip to visit friends in Ohio and came out with a carload including these lamps and the mirror pictured below. The mirror has done wonders to make our room feel huge, and for only $99 it was worth every penny! When you want light, add a mirror!

Next up on display is my favorite part of the whole room. I adore this vignette, but I'm not sure what my favorite part is... the $50 Facebook Marketplace dresser, the Victorian head vase, or the pop of color from the snake plant. The 'rest' photo and lamp shade are a work in progress, but I'm thinking a plain light pink or dusty blue shade. 

We have a total of four closets, all of which are smaller than three feet wide (Lord give me strength). Upon moving in, there wasn't a door on the master bedroom closet. Luckily enough, part of the negotiations of our house were for the previous owners to leave behind the two spare barn doors laying in the basement practically begging to come upstairs. I see now why they were so happy to part with them. They are heavy as all get out! However, they are the most commented on design in our home and I agree. I love what they have done for the space.

Many folks wouldn't share a design that isn't completely done and I understand why. Perfection has become a learned behavior, but please don't expect my home or life to be perfect. If you come to this blog, expect to see exposed cords, dog hair, and a few in-progress projects. Life is messy and messy is real. You can expect my work to be life-sustaining and dog-friendly, just ask my sweet babes (Willie Nelson and Lady Roxanne). They make the best portable throw pillows and go with every room!