Kathryn + Chris | Married


Christmas in our family is a big deal. No really, there are over 40 people packed in our living room come Christmas Day. We are a big group that loves to laugh, eat, and love. When we celebrate, we do it in a large way. My family is accustomed to me having my camera so when my cousin Kathryn's boyfriend asked me to photograph their engagement Christmas Day of 2015, I knew no one would know what hit them. Fast forward nearly three years later, the landscape of their life looks incredibly different but all the more blessed. 

"It was just something small with close family and friends. If we invited everyone near and dear to our hearts, we would’ve had to rent out a sports stadium! The more I thought about a big elaborate wedding, the more I wanted to just run over to the courthouse real quick and get it over with! We did what we thought was right for us and it was a spectacular night," Kathryn said. 

So small it was but certainly not lacking in love. From the handmade arbor(Dad) and carefully crafted decor(Mom), Kathryn and Chris' wedding dripped in charm, romance, and the center of life itself, family. I am so incredibly proud to call Kathryn and Chris family. They are a wonderful example of taking life's lemons and making the sweetest lemonade. When they have encountered hiccups in the road, they handle them with grace. Together, they are setting a wonderful example for their children, Kamdyn and Charlee, of support and unconditional love.

In lieu of a first look with Chris, Kathryn had the great idea to do a first look with her son, Kamdyn. All together now: AAAWWWWW. I highly recommend this for all bridal mamas. Seeing Kamdyn's nerves disappear and the look of love and adoration for Mom wash over him was one of many moments to bring a tear to my eye.


Another breaking (or adding) tradition, Chris and Kathryn shared dances with their children as well as their parents. I'm not joking when I said there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

First Dance - 'Yours' by Russell Dickerson
Bride + Dad - 'It Won't Be Like This For Long' by Darius Rucker
Groom + Mom - 'A Song For Mama' by Boyz II Men
Bride + Son - 'Forever Young' by Rhiannon Giddens, Iron & Wine
Groom + Daughter - 'Baby Mine' by Nick Lachey

Decor - Mother of the Bride
Food & Drinks - Bride's Family (Shout out to the Aunties)
Dress - Madison Square Boutique