Ramirez | Family

Tis the season for family photos! BIG family photos at that. When graduation season hits, the big group requests start rolling in. Everyone is in town to celebrate the kiddos and their induction into the adult world, so why not commemorate it with family photos? AMIRIGHT? 

Most of The Ramirez family travelled up from Florida and brought the sunshine with them. (Praise the Lord) I knew this group would be fun to work with when Abuela came right up, linked arms with me, and starting joking and chatting it up. Unfortunately, not everyone could be there due to deployments and travel but we made due with cell phones and Facebook photos to make sure everyone would be included. 

Addy: Look it's a bubble car!
Me: What's a bubble car? Like a VW bug?
Addy: (Serving major side eye because I'm dumb) No... like a car that blows bubbles.... 

I kid you not halfway through the session a car pulled up with two motors on top churning out waves of bubbles like it was nothing. I don't know who was more excited, me or the child. Everyone started playing in them, even the adults. 

...and then Abuela decided she wanted a photo across the creek too. So how do they get her across? Via a loyal and strong son of course!