Bumpus Boys | Baby

This post is going to be so long but it absolutely has to be. Hang in there because this one goes out to The Bumpus Family, my tried and true favorite little clients. 

I've said it so many times, but it's so true. Being asked to welcome life into this world is truly an honor. It is so nuts that my Maternity Mamas and new parents trust me enough to tell this chapter of their story. In 2016, Stephanie and John welcomed Oliver to their family. They knew they would want to document all of his milestones so we set up a First Year Plan. Every three months, we got together to capture some memories with the little squirt. This fresh little babe brought on a new adventure for all of us. I wasn't a strong newborn or toddler photographer. Truth be told, I'm still nervous around babies but thankfully, Stephanie and John are so patient and easy to work with that they allowed me a safe, judgement-free environment to learn.


What I Learned: Babies are resilient. Yes, you have to be gentle but you don't have to pick them up as if they're a half cracked egg. 
What Oliver Learned: It's okay to cry during your session. We'll get through it one big hug at a time.


What I Learned: You can make a studio set up after an easy and quick trip to Lowes and Big Lots. Using PVC pipe, I made a stand for the black fleece blanket backdrop. (Why fleece? It absorbs light and make editing easier) We propped that bad boy up in front of a wall of windows and took in all the natural light we could. Baddabing.
What Oliver Learned: Feet are tasty and can be used as entertainment. Also, you can scream in just a way to make an adorable photo.


What I Learned: It's okay if babies and kids don't like me. It's easy for me to get nervous or feel like i'm doing something wrong when the kiddos aren't receptive. I don't blame them though! I'd be scared too if some crazy lady showed up every so often and pointed a camera in my face. 
What Oliver Learned: By this point, this little cutie-pie was sitting up on his own and starting to move and groove a little bit. He also learned that while Christmas lights are very pretty, they do not taste good. 


What I Learned: The dollar spot of target is full of backdrop props and perfect toys to keep kiddos entertained during sessions. Putting those treats on your camera is a great way to get the little ones to look up or right at your lens. Life. Saver.
What Oliver Learned: Being one definitely has it's perks like eating cake & getting messy. Sweet boy had a mouthful of teeth and was on the move(usually following his favorite person, MOM).

Coming into the final chapter of Ollie-Pop's first year of life, all I could think was how thankful I was to Stephanie and John for continuing to trust me and help me grow. With these sessions, I was able to get a grasp on what to expect from certain age ranges, how to handle meltdown city, and countless other lessons to help strengthen an area I felt lost in. One thing that was always constant, Oliver's favorite pose whether he liked it or not. 


Last year, the Bumpus party of three added a fourth to the table. Samuel Brooks Bumpus has made the sweetest, chunkiest, most adorable addition. I couldn't believe it, but they have honored me again with another whole year making memories with their family. When I look back at Oliver's 3 month session, I'm filled with all the nerves I had walking through their door. Now, because of the Bumpus family I'm able to tackle babies(not literally, I'm not a monster) with ease and confidence. There isn't a finish line or a mark to where I'll feel like I'm done growing and thank the good Lord above because I love learning! More than anything, I love learning with clients. There isn't a joy like knowing they have seen my beginner skills and trusted me through my growth. Growing creatively with this family is something I will never be able to thank them enough for.

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