County Fair Minis | Family

This is a story about miscommunication and how everyone is human.

For YEARS I have been trying to recruit couples and families to be my models at the county fair. I am obsessed with all the color and, if truth be told, the people watching. I had asked a few couples I knew personally but, sadly, they declined due to feeling unsure about modeling.

I was determined to get out there this year and enjoy the sunsets, love bugs, and funnel cakes, so out went the public model call. It wasn't until after it went out that the same couples commented saying they would love to be included. I asked if they were sure having said no previously. They both thought I was recruiting them to model on a stage... in front of a crowd... at the fair. I had an instantaneous moment of clarity, realizing that I had goofed up not just with these couples, but with everyone I had ever tried to recruit for these shoots.

I'm admittedly pretty terrible at speaking with concise words. I stumble, mumble, and will create new words because my brain can't pick just one.  "But your writing?! So well worded" Yeah... my mom still proof reads all my blog posts. (HEY MOM!) So, here is my vow and promise that I will never make clients model in front of a crowd! The golden rule is my top rule, so if I wouldn't do it, I won't ask you do it either. I will however, make you dance and kiss publicly at the fair. Here's hoping you enjoy these fair photos as much as we all did making them. Keep an eye out next summer for fair mini specials!

A huge thank you also to Abigail + Mike, JayLesa + Will, and Tiffany + Taylor. You all rocked your shoots!