About rae 

  • I am hopelessly in love with my own scruffy looking nerf header. My husband, Bryan, is the epitome of my other half. He keeps me sane, he calms my nerves, and he's the perfect dose of dramatic to keep up with my antics.

  • Dog mom level 1000. I'm obsessed with our fur babies:
    Willie Nelson - A three year old drama-lama and nap expert. Taking after his namesake, we love to sing(howl) and chill out.
    Lady Roxanne of the House McFee - Yes, that's her whole name and yes, it's an ode to The Police and Game of Thrones. A ball of energy who has never met a stranger.
    Beans, the cat - In true feline style, he does whatever he wants and we're just along for the ride.

  • I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Rey = Rae = I'm a Jedi.

  • I was born to be a Disney fan. Literally. I share a birthday with Walt Disney and my first name with his wife Lillian.

  • I know the next question. My favorite Disney movie is Moana.

  • I could eat only Pizza for the rest of my life.

  • Lazy Saturday mornings for me exist only to craft, edit, and plan. I honestly don't know what relaxing is for other people but for me it's planted in front of paints, yarn, or typing away on my computer. I love to create. It drives me and fuels my soul.